August 15, 1998

CW: Terrorism The wallpaper of our rented room was a large-pattern plaid - a broad khaki field with criss-crossing strips of earthy greens and greys and browns. The twin beds stretched along opposite walls with fluffy white duvets and carved headboards of bright oak. A small television hung from a corner of the room. Already,… Continue reading August 15, 1998

Call Me Pollyanna

2016 wasn't my year. It started out with my grandfather dying. Full stop. That, right there, would have been enough to justify writing off all the remaining months. Then, the air conditioning went out in my car - no small thing in Texas. Fixing it was going to take three-thousand-plus dollars. Even if I had… Continue reading Call Me Pollyanna

The Albuquerque House

You didn’t expect it to be so difficult, your last night in this house. . It’s a great house. Stucco walls blend into the landscape and a rare-for-these-parts green lawn hides behind an adobe wall. As you approach, the second story appears over the top of the hill, then the first floor with its surrounding… Continue reading The Albuquerque House