As a little kid, the bottle of Coca-Cola fascinated me.  The Chinese characters made the familiar shape seem exciting. “Can I hold it, Aunt Carol?”  I asked time after time. Carol always got it off the shelf for me, but she kept an eye on me.  There was every chance I’d try to open it… Continue reading Pioneers



She missed the bus.  That seemed like the beginning, so that's where Lisa had started her story.  It must have worked because Mrs. Stockman had asked her to speak at orientation each year for the past nine years. “I called my mom, but she didn’t answer, and my dad was out of town. I knew… Continue reading Powers

Foiled Again

All around the Bingo hall, old fuddy duddies worked feverishly to dab dots on numbers across their arrays of cards.  Barbara hoped that she looked like them as she blotted random numbers and scanned the room from the corners of her eyes.  Something felt wrong.  She'd been in the game too long to ignore her… Continue reading Foiled Again