It was nearly midnight. I scanned the keycard and walked into a quiet, dark hotel room. All I could think about was sleep and how early my alarm would go off in the morning.  At least I was sober.  Several of my coworkers took turns drinking the shots my boss kept setting in front of me… Continue reading Rick


A Quiet House

“Hello?” Doug called as he walked into his house. The kitchen, strangely silent, felt as though its inhabitants had beamed up into a spaceship in the middle of coffee-drinking, doll-playing, and Nerf-gun shooting. Doug opened the door to the basement and started down. Horror movies began like this. With each step, sounds of life grew… Continue reading A Quiet House

Starting Third Grade

I was the youngest kid in my class, so I had to try extra hard not to act like a baby. That was extra hard on my first day of third grade. Daddy pulled up to the drop-off curb instead of parking where he was supposed to. “You’re not going in with me?” Daddy didn’t… Continue reading Starting Third Grade