Two Sides

“She sparkled?” The detective made his skepticism clear. “No,” Idha knew she’d been rambling, but she couldn’t stop. “She was sparkly. Like when the sun shines on those rocks out by the lake? So some of them just seem more, I don’t know, rocky than the others?” Her interrogation was nothing like the old cop… Continue reading Two Sides


Missing the Point

Every year, we confronted the stress of seeing Santa Claus. Ask for too much, and you'd come off as greedy. Too little, and you missed your chance. But it was forgetting a key item that was the real tragedy, for how on earth would you ever get that Corn Silk Cabbage Patch Kid if you… Continue reading Missing the Point

Comfort and Joy

CW: Death of a family member Joan closed her book. She was tired of trying to force her brain to arrange letters into sentences that resembled a story. She thought about turning off the television, but it at least smoothed out the noise from the living room. Who was she kidding anyway? It was the… Continue reading Comfort and Joy