Shipping Out

Image: Page 10 of “A Chaplain's Duty” by Gayle Knapp. Most of the text has been blacked out. The remainder reads: . steak, chicken, ham, turkey fruit, fresh vegetables, ice cream   eating. a matter of fact thing a duty to perform . I watch the waves look out across the water think of you . I… Continue reading Shipping Out


Anna’s Flowers

Sunny daffodils bobbed in a slim, crystal clear vase. A well-wish for a new job. This was Anna’s favorite kind of order: a moment of surprise to brighten a person’s day. She carried the vase to the walk-in, and placed it next to a cellophane-wrapped clutch of daisies. The daisies called to her again. Most… Continue reading Anna’s Flowers

The Wish

Rolph gripped my hand in the crook of his arm. He walked fast, pulling me with him until I felt like I was running. “What’s the hurry?” I gasped. Rolph did not respond until he halted at the bakery door. I thought my lungs would explode from the exertion. Rolph glanced around the empty street,… Continue reading The Wish