Backyard Bliss

The grass is too long. After months of drought, any moisture causes it to shoot higher and higher. When it gets like this, I joke that it blocks my Labrador from view. The trees need to be trimmed. I like it when they look wild and natural, but I now have patches of dirt where… Continue reading Backyard Bliss


Saying “Fart” is Always Funny

A sign flew by overhead. "What did that say?"  My sister asked. "Beats me.  I don't speak German." My sister was nervous about driving on the Autobahn. We passed a sign on the right.  "Aaahs-fart," I sounded out. "I don't think that's how you say that." I began to giggle uncontrollably. "Oh, god.  Michelle!  Are… Continue reading Saying “Fart” is Always Funny


As a little kid, the bottle of Coca-Cola fascinated me.  The Chinese characters made the familiar shape seem exciting. “Can I hold it, Aunt Carol?”  I asked time after time. Carol always got it off the shelf for me, but she kept an eye on me.  There was every chance I’d try to open it… Continue reading Pioneers