Like a Prayer

The melody catches my attention but it's the lyrics that make me look up: Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone… “No! Don’t stop there!” I demand. Dad has never in his life watched MTV and I can’t fathom why he paused there, of all channels, at that exact moment. “Why not?” Dad squints… Continue reading Like a Prayer

How to Wallpaper a Bathroom

Days 1 through 462 Peruse books of wallpaper samples at the local paint store. Scan websites of any company that has ever sold wallpaper. Send picture after picture to your mom and your sisters and your friends and ask for opinions. . Day 463 Find a dark, dramatic wallpaper on super sale. Decide you're tired… Continue reading How to Wallpaper a Bathroom

When Someone Dies

CW: Death, funerals Go to the funeral Have coffee or lunch or dinner Cry or don’t Laugh until tears come Celebrate the life Tell their story again and again Say I’m sorry Its enough to say “I’m sorry for your loss” It’s enough