Tony, Tony

"It's here somewhere," I said, digging through textbooks and folders in vain attempt to locate the paper I'd written the night before. "I finished it last night. Promise." Sister Brigid didn't so much as blink. "Check your locker at lunch and bring it to me when you find it." I never saw it as special… Continue reading Tony, Tony

Beware the Poisoned Fruit

The woman offered a tomato. The crimson orb tempted, fresh off the vine. Lumi had only been warned off fruit, not vegetables. A bite. A burst of bright on her tongue. Darkness descended to the soundtrack of the woman’s cackle.

Night Kayaking

Erin thought Peggy should share a kayak with Dad. His hearing aid was on the fritz and we didn’t want to listen to her worry about bathrooms or whales. I’d assured her for weeks that Kenmare Bay was too shallow for whales, deciding that she didn’t need to know about the fin whale that beached… Continue reading Night Kayaking