The Angel

The women in our family have been cursed with bad choices, Mijita. Very bad choices. The worn leather of the boots felt soft beneath Araceli’s hands. She’d noticed that on the day Abuela gave them to her. Your mother. Me. The uppers were still soft and supple though the leather was time-darkened. Araceli wondered if… Continue reading The Angel



CW: Death of a grandparent “Do you want to go to dinner on Wednesday? It’s Dad’s anniversary.” It was one of those lighting fast changes in conversation that is typical of my mother. My first thought was wonder that she was inviting me to her anniversary dinner. Then I remembered that their anniversary had been… Continue reading Anniversary

Two Sides

“She sparkled?” The detective made his skepticism clear. “No,” Idha knew she’d been rambling, but she couldn’t stop. “She was sparkly. Like when the sun shines on those rocks out by the lake? So some of them just seem more, I don’t know, rocky than the others?” Her interrogation was nothing like the old cop… Continue reading Two Sides